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July 14, 2010

This afternoon, I came home to watch Nolan for a few hours and maybe even manage to get some work done, too. But when I arrived home, he was wide awake and hadn’t gone down for a nap.

So it fell to me to sit in the bedroom with him in the hope that he might drift off.

Now…Nolan has done this really annoying thing since forever, where he’ll shove a hand up your sleeve or down the neck of your shirt. It’s a comfort thing, I guess. Jamie’s so used to it she doesn’t notice, but it drives me crazy.

And of course, two minutes after I set up shop on the bed and started hammering away at the mound of projects I have on my plate this week, he shoved his little hand up my sleeve.

“Could you please not do that?” I asked, with no expectation that he’d actually listen.

But he did! He pulled his hand out of my sleeve, muttered a tired little “yeah”, and snuggled up against me.

It’s a small victory, but a huge one at the same time.

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