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The Rise and Fall…

February 7, 2010

One thing you learn studying ancient and medieval history – nothing is permanent.

Well, except for human nature. We’ve always had greed and compassion and fear and hope, and we probably always will.

But empires…they come and go.

It’s easy to forget sometimes, especially in our ADD-riddled, “ooh shiny!” existence. We see things a day, a week, a quarter, maybe a year out, and quite literally miss the forest through the trees. Just look at politics. Right now everyone’s focused on the mid-term elections and maybe, just maybe, 2012. Which is part of the reason, I think, why America sucks so bad at tackling long-term problems until they rise up and punch us in the face.

The thing is, though, most change is gradual. It isn’t like you’re going along and then BAM, the world changes. It creeps up on us bit by bit, until it’s already happened.

So everybody just…chill out.

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