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The Unofficial Catalog of Dirty Diapers #3: The Great Escape

January 5, 2010

For all the upsides of fatherhood, there are certainly some drawbacks. Chief among them the seemingly endless variety of dirty diapers one encounters from day to day. This is an unofficial catalog of selected specimens.

The Great Escape

A particularly dreaded specimen, The Great Escape entails the contents of the diaper escaping the confines of the diaper. While this can be loud and raucous, it usually prefers to operate by stealth, only to be revealed at changing time or, if you are wearing good clothes, when you hold your child and feel something warm and moist seeping through your now-ruined garment.

As one would expect given its penchant for stealth, The Great Escape seems to prefer working in the dead of night, though it curiously shows an affinity for making itself known in extremely public places.

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