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Stuff I’m looking forward to in 2010

January 1, 2010

I love following stuff. Rumors about stuff, the development of stuff, the big debuts of stuff. And whatever else happens, 2010 is going to bring us a lot of cool stuff.

Here are some of the highlights I’m looking forward to.


The LA Auto Show keeps trying, to auto show season still kicks off in January with the Detroit Auto Show. And this year promises some pretty interesting reveals. I tend to have quirky interests when it comes to cars, but here are the ones I’m interested in:

Ford Focus – After years of an antiquated, uncompetitive little crapbox, us Americans will finally be treated to the same Ford Focus the Europeans get when the third-generation of the compact debuts at Detroit.

Mini Crossover – The first concept had me decidedly “meh”, but the forthcoming Beachcomber concept has piqued my interest. The real crossover should debut sometime later this year.

Honda CR-Z – Honda keeps trying to challenge Toyota at the hybrid game, and they keep failing. With the CR-Z, they might be on to something. A small hybrid that’s economical, yet fun to drive. It’s a formula that’s worked in the past, with the featherweight CR-X. I’ll be curious to see if they can make it work once again.

Hyundai Veloster – So in one corner we have Honda trying to recapture the spirit of the CR-X in hybrid form. And in the other, we’ve got Hyundai trying to recapture the spirit of the CR-X, period. A small, light, tossable, really efficient, blast-to-drive car. The way Hyundai and Kia have been kicking ass and taking names lately, my money’s actually on them.

Electronic Gizmos…

Apple iSlate – Or whatever the hell they decide to call their much-rumored tablet computer thing. Is it going to be a big iPhone? A bizarre broadside against the netbooks of the world? Who knows?

The next iPhone – You know it’s coming. And I’d bet this time it’ll be a bigger leap than the 3GS. Fingers crossed for a “Kid Mode” that can lock the phone down while it’s playing a movie. Now that Nolan’s discovered the home button, that distraction has become more an annoyance…

More affordable full-frame DSLRs – These days, if you want a DSLR with a 35mm full-frame sensor, you have to throw down some serious cash. My particular object of desire, the D700, is around $2,300 for the body only. But shit and camera technology both tend to roll downhill, and it’s only a matter of time before a full-frame sensor winds up in a prosumer or consumer-grade DSLR. Will 2010 be the year?

The talking dog collar from “Up” – Dear god please.


Kick-Ass – Last year, we had team outings to see two movies – Star Trek and Zombieland. This year, I bet we’ll have another, to see this movie. Which should tell you a lot about our team’s awesome – and snarky – sensibilities. (if you want a better glimpse of the movie than the trailer…check out this Hit-Girl specific trailer).

Clash of the Titans – I’m a sucker for ancient stuff and awesomeness. ‘Nuff said.

Iron Man 2 – The first Iron Man stands as one of the better superhero movies. I’m hoping the second one can stand up.

Inception – I don’t even know what it’s about, but the trailer is downright bizarre, and Chris Nolan is one of the better mindgame directors going.

44-Inch Chest – Ray Winstone, Ian McShane, and Tom Wilkinson in a middle-aged Brit revenge flick. This is like The First Wives’ Club, but made for dudes. And not terrible. Link to trailer.

Robin Hood – Based on the trailer, it’s tempting to think Gladiator with Bows, but I’m sure there’s a lot more at work. Either way, Ridley Scott and Russel Crowe? I’ll probably find a way to check this one out.

Babies – A nice lead into the next section, but the trailer actually made me kinda want to see this one.


Baby 2.0 – As if Nolan wasn’t life-changing enough, Mrs. Doogs and I are going and having another kid. We won’t be certain for a few days, but a quick pre-Christmas ultrasound seems to point to a baby girl.

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