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Random Thoughts on New Year’s Eve…

December 31, 2009

Ten years ago, I was visiting Austin while on winter break from Vanderbilt. Came down here with my good friend Mark. Round about this time I was probably at 6th and Congress, cut off from the group I was with, but with a case of Shiner to keep me company.

It’s hard to fathom all that’s happened in the decade since. It’s tempting to call this a lost decade, a wasted decade when you look at it from a macro level. Stagnant wages, a boom fueled on credit and conspicuous consumption, the ensuing bust. 9/11, Katrina, the tsunami, reality TV, SARS, swine flu, Glenn Beck. But on a personal, micro level…the degree to which this decade has defined me as a person is simply staggering.

This entire life…didn’t exist ten years ago. I was still going to Vanderbilt. I hadn’t even transferred to UT yet, much less joined Longhorn Offroad, met Jamie, or started interning at GSD&M. Didn’t have a dog, much less four. Sure as hell didn’t have a kid, or a second on the way.

Now here I am. 30 years old. Married with a son, and (probably) a daughter due in May. I have a job I love, in a field I’d never envisioned veering into. I mean, who could have seen the progression from history major to associate creative director?

The twists and turns my life has taken this past decade are staggering, and I wouldn’t trade them for the world. And yeah, while 2009 has been a bummer of a year in many respects, on whole I have to count my blessings.

And so with that…Happy New Year and Happy New Decade. May the next ten years be as eventful as the last (and less filled with terrorism and economic collapse and other annoying crap like that)!

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