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Mail in an E-mail World…

August 3, 2009

I hate mail. I hate having to go check it (we have one of those “community boxes” at the end of the street). I hate that it’s either full of crap, more crap, or bills (which we pay electronically anyway). I hate that everything I pull out always ends up being dated.

I hate that mail almost ruined my Sunday.

Sunday afternoon. Jamie and I decided to take Nolan to the mall. On the way out of the neighborhood, we stopped to check the mail. Mixed in with the assorted crap was a little postcard from our State Farm agent, asking that we call them about our auto policy ASAP.


My first thought was this had something to do with my recent speeding ticket. Something along the lines of “they’re finally dropping us”.

Gritting my teeth, I sifted through the rest of the mail. A bank statement (even though we’ve requested to go paperless eleventy billion times). Some random receipt from Babies-R-Us (they really need to work on their customer service processes). And something else from State Farm. Curious, I pried the envelope open to find that our auto policy was due to be cancelled for nonpayment.

Double shit.

Here’s the thing. We pay EVERYTHING online. Including insurance. And I knew I had paid the premium…I remembered doing so a week or so earlier. It’s hard to forget, because State Farm has one of the least intuitive sites in existence. But then my mind started turning. What if I didn’t pay it? What if I thought I did but forgot to click CONFIRM for the eighth time or something?

Just to doublecheck, I pulled out the iPhone and checked out Quicken Online. Which was 7 days out of date and refused to reload. So I checked Mint. Which was 8 days out of date. Ugh. What is the point of having an online budgeting app if it’s so friggin’ out of date?

Anyway…with no way to confirm I had, in fact, paid the premium (since State Farm doesn’t deign to e-mail a confirmation), I started to freak out a bit. Which snowballed into Jamie getting frustrated, and me getting more pissed, and ultimately us driving back home not speaking. Yay!

Once in front of a real computer, I verified that yes, the payment had gone through, and that the cancellation notice had been sent before I paid (hell, before I even got an e-mail from State Farm saying the statement was available to be paid). So it was all one big, pointless waste of time on everybody’s part.

Seriously, in today’s world, in 2009, what is the point of mail? Birthday cards and DVDs from Netflix, I guess. And maybe some smaller shipments from Amazon that UPS can’t be bothered to drop at your door. Other than that, it’s all junk mail, filler, and outdated bills and dire warnings that make you lose your shit on a Sunday afternoon.

No wonder I only check the mail every 1-2 weeks.

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  1. Eliot Towb permalink
    August 3, 2009 3:47 pm

    Statefarm emails me a confirmation. End-user FAIL.

    • Matt permalink*
      August 3, 2009 3:54 pm

      Yeah, probably. I’ll have to go back and look again…their system is good about e-mailing me when stuff’s due, but I’ve never, not once, received a payment confirmation…

  2. August 5, 2009 7:15 am

    I have an idea – check the mail more than every 1-2 weeks….problem solved!

    Besides the mail did not ruin your Sunday….it was there all week (or even longer) waiting patiently, suffering in that hot, dark cramped metal box. Just waiting for you to come and say hello…to let it fulfill it’s destiny. Poor neglected mail!

  3. Matt permalink*
    August 5, 2009 10:19 am

    If the mail offered anything worthwhile I’d check more often…as I do around tax time or when I’m expecting something.

  4. August 5, 2009 5:48 pm

    Poor lonely mail

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