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Big Wheel for Adults

June 2, 2008

Back when I was a little kid – that is, back when water guns looked like real guns – there was nothing cooler than a Big Wheel (well, except Transformers, but nothing’s cooler than Transformers). Giant front wheel, little back wheels, pedals and tassles. I mean come on! Though I don’t remember it, I apparently used to bomb down a tree-studded hill on one of these things when we lived in Knoxville. Probably explains a lot about my present-day driving style. Now, I DO remember blowing down the street in Dallas, one foot balanced on the seat, the other pushing away behind me, skateboard style, and leaping away just before the Big Wheel slammed into the curb. Again, probably explains a lot.

Now that I’m all grown up (in that I have a son of my own and a wife and a job and stuff), I don’t really have the equivalent of a Big Wheel anymore. The mountain bike is more like, well, a bike, and my MINI if anything, is a more civilized version of the go-karts my dad used to take me to drive when I was little.

But…change may be on the horizon. This morning, I came across a crazy contraption called the Trailcart. Invented in Germany, this thing’s being touted as the world’s “first pedal-powered four-wheel-drive off-road vehicle”. But looking at it, all I can think is Big Wheel.

I bet it’d even be fun to run one into a curb.

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  1. June 2, 2008 5:48 pm

    It will only really be cool if you can put a tall plastic orange flag on it, otherwise none as “The Orange Whip”. Man could those things leave a nasty welt!

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