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On Hold…

March 31, 2008

As the paucity of posts over the last week might indicate, Nolan’s arrival has disrupted quite a few regular activities, such as, oh, work and sleeping. The same is true for pastimes and hobbies, as Jamie and I adapt to this new presence in our lives.

As such, my writing has gone on hold for a short while. Hopefully, once we begin getting ourselves into something a routine, I’ll be able to pick back up where I left off. Speaking of which…

Frequent readers are no doubt aware I’d been racing to get as much done in the way of editing and revisions as I could ahead of Nolan’s birth. As recently as March 4th, I’d been cautiously optimistic about maybe, maybe getting through Chapter VIII before the big day. To my great surprise, I managed to put away not only Chapter VIII, but Chapters IX, X, and XI as well. In fact, I reached the end of Chapter XI on the morning of the day Jamie went into labor.

I can’t help but marvel at Nolan’s timing. The chapter now before me, Chapter XII, is the most bloated and problem-laden of the entire book, and, admittedly, the one that terrifies me the most. Where most of my other chapters are between 10-14,000 works, Chapter XII is closer to 50,000, and my plan is to cut it by at least half, without stripping away any of the details necessary to the story.

Where better to stop and take a breather, than before this behemoth of a chapter?

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