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What a Difference a DSLR Makes…

March 27, 2008

Don’t get me wrong. My Sony Cyber-shot excels at its intended role. And the iPhone even works in a pinch. But nothing can lend a picture a sense of depth, of gravity and reality (or unreality) better than a DSLR. Point-and-shoots can’t match the better lenses, shorter depth of field, or the larger image sensors.

When Jamie and I went to the hospital, it was with our Sony Cyber-shot DSC-W130. It did the job. It took some good pictures, and adequately recorded Nolan’s first few days in this world.

But now that I’m home and brandishing my trusty Nikon D80, I think the results speak for themselves….

Easy Rider

Badass Stroller

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  1. March 27, 2008 11:10 pm

    They are all great pictures!

  2. Kay permalink
    March 28, 2008 6:24 am

    Is there a baby in that stroller?

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