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Mankind? Arrogant? That’s Unpossible!

November 26, 2007

Once upon a time, people were imprisoned, excommunicated, exiled, et cetera for daring to suggest that the earth wasn’t the center of the universe (or even the solar system), that diseases were caused by germs (as opposed to bad humors), and that man was descended from apes (actually, this debate STILL RAGES).  All of which, you know, flew in the face of the whole “man is the center of the universe” thing.

A little something called the Enlightenment fixed that right up.

But lately…I don’t know. Maybe mankind is in the throes of some massive guilt trip. Maybe all the various radio waves flying through our skulls every few milliseconds have driven us around the bend. Whatever the case, we seem to have fallen into this delusional mindset that we, as a species, are responsible for EVERY BAD THING that happens anywhere. In essence, we are the center of the universe again, only this time in a bad sort of way.

Now…you already know we are responsible for Global Warming, and unless we offset our carbon emissions and buy organic stuff and whatnot, the polar bears will die.

You know about this, but I bet you don’t know that we’re also destroying the universe. That’s right. Mankind is destroying the frakin’ UNIVERSE.

When I first read the headline, I figured some scientists must have watched that Star Trek episode where Picard and crew realize their going here and there at Warp 9.8 is ripping space-time to shreds and, I don’t know, confused it with modern day or something.

But no. Apparently we’re destroying the universe by attempting to observe it at a quantum level. Like Shrodinger’s cat. Seriously.

“If we attempt to apply quantum mechanics to the universe as a whole, and if our present state is unstable, then what sets the clock that governs decay? Once we determine our current state by observations, have we reset the clock? If so, as incredible as it may seem, our detection of dark energy may have reduced the life expectancy of our universe.” Prof Krauss says that the measurement of the light from supernovae in 1998, which provided evidence of dark energy, may have reset the decay of the void to zero – back to a point when the likelihood of its surviving was falling rapidly. “In short, we may have snatched away the possibility of long-term survival for our universe and made it more likely it will decay,” says Prof Krauss.

And that’s not all. Apparently, our observations of the universe have also resulted in it losing about one-fifth of its mass.

This is not the only damage to the heavens that astronomers may have caused. Our cosmos is now significantly lighter than scientists had thought after an analysis of the amount of light given out by galaxies concluded that some shone from lightweight electrons, not heavyweight atoms. In all, the new analysis suggests that the universe has lost about one fifth of its overall mass.

Uh…can somebody tell me how this is damage, exactly? Because the cosmos is lighter than our scientists THOUGHT? Humanity has thought all sorts of absurd things over the years. Hell, we still do.

Let’s apply Occam’s Razor here. What is more likely? That our mere observation of the universe is hastening its decay into nothingness, or that our methods for measuring and observing the universe are improving, and we are – gasp – realizing previous assumptions and estimates may no longer be valid?

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  1. November 28, 2007 6:02 pm

    WOW…..I have total tired head now

  2. December 14, 2007 2:45 pm

    What is lighter than light, um…puzzled. Are all humans narcissists, I bet, the whole world revolves round me-tality. Odd that a few moments ago I read a very different post that mentioned the Universe centering around the earth. I can not say that I knew that was a believed concept. Makes sense, tho’, now that I think about it. Some people still do not believe in ET’s or UFO’s.

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