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At Least They Had an Ethos…

September 10, 2007

Step 1: Autoblog runs a story about how Audi has partnered with a German fashion designer to create uniforms for its employees. They look like something you could probably put together yourself at Target for $50.

Step 2: Someone makes a rambling and rather humorous (uninentionally) post in the comments about how it’s high time that somebody stand up for uniforms besides the military, damnit! This progresses into an incoherent rant about country music and individualism, and how individualism is all a front because they’re all in the same band anyway, or something.

Step 3: I step in with the cautionary voice. Maybe it’s not the best idea that Germans try to foist uniforms on people. I mean, look how well that turned out the last time they tried it.

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