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Good Luck With That, Chief…

August 22, 2007

What’s the deal with the massive, megalithic corporations coming around once a month or so and declaring their latest product du jour the one that will finally stick it to Apple’s iPod (or iPhone or iTunes or…)?

Today’s latest flash of brilliance comes from the combined efforts of MTV (owned by Viacom), RealNetworks (buffering…), and Verizon.  Apparently, they’re planning to go all Voltron on Apple, and will be combining their various digital music stores into one cross-platform monstrosity that no one will use anyway offering.

Okay, come on. Does anybody think for even a moment that this is going to do any more against iTunes than bounce off and fall, broken, to the curb, just like every other challenger?

Here’s the thing. Apple’s on a tear right now. It’s products are slick, attractive, and they work. And while they basically own digital music, they still enjoy that underdog image they’ve gained from being under Microsoft’s heel for so long. The company that knocks the iPod off its perch won’t be Microsoft. It won’t be RealNetworks or Verizon or Samsung or Sony. It will be another underdog, who figures out a better way of selling and organizing digital music.

In the meantime, let’s see how well this latest challenge does once the new iPod launches this September or October. Anybody wanna start a death pool?

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