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Weak Doesn’t Begin to Describe How Weak This Is…

August 21, 2007

Consider my anticipation of the upcoming film “The Golden Compass” significantly diminished.

The book on which it is based is an engaging and delightful read, a good story on its surface, and something much, much deeper besides.

The grand, overarching struggle, the driving impetus behind the entire story, sneaks up on you and doesn’t really make itself apparent until the second book, “The Subtle Knife”, but when it does…

Without giving too much away, let’s just say that the trilogy is a grand struggle against authority and repression, up to and including the highest authority.

I’ve been extremely curious to see how this aspect was going to be handled in the film. After all, religion is a touchy subject these days, and if the film has the courage to plant its standard in the ground as firmly as the book, well…

…apparently that won’t be the case. According to Nicole Kidman, some of the religious elements have been removed from the film. In her own words, “it has been watered down a little”.

My question is…how? Removing the religious aspect from the film would be akin to removing the ring from Lord of the Rings. You. Just. Can’t. Do. It. Not without trashing the story and destroying the setup for the next two films, at any rate.

I really, really hope they don’t blow this one. It’s a very smart book, and one that has the potential to make an awesome film, IF they do it right.

I suppose we’ll see come December.

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