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Beam Me Up…

July 27, 2007

Back in the day, I was quite the Star Trek fan, eagerly soaking in new episodes of The Next Generation, reading novelizations, and, yes, attending a convention or two.  I even put aside my usual selection of aircraft to build a scale model of the Enterprise.

In other words, I was a dork.

After The Next Generation ended, Star Trek sort of lost me.  I could never get into Deep Space Nine or Voyager, and by the time Enterprise came around, I could really care less.  I figured that’s about how things would continue until I heard rumblings of a Trek reboot.

That’s right.  Come Christmas 2008, we’re going to be treated to another Star Trek.  And not another warmed over, big screen episode of The Next Generation.  This one is going to be a complete reboot, starting over with a young Kirk and Spock as they set out to go where no man has gone before.  Every other piece of pop culture seems to be receiving the reboot treatment nowadays, so why not Trek?

What’s got my interest peaked, however, is that this reboot isn’t being handled by the same band of fools that managed to capsize the franchise over the last fifteen years, but by J.J. Abrams, the guy behind Lost.

So far, word on the ground has been thin.  The movie’s not due out for a year and a half, after all, and filming doesn’t even start until November.  Yesterday, however, a pretty major announcement was made at Comic-Con.

Zachary Quinto (who plays Sylar on Heroes) has been cast as Spock.  What’s more, Leonard Nimoy will be putting in an appearance as an older version of his iconic character.

Honestly, I’m digging this.  Quinto is the perfect actor to play everyone’s favorite Vulcan, and certainly a better choice than Ben Affleck (yes, his name had been rumored for awhile).

The question now is, who is going to play Kirk?

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  1. July 27, 2007 10:10 pm

    A reflection of the new Galactica? And the renewed Dr Who? Now we’re getting Trek Re-imagined? Can only pray it’s as good.

  2. lostinsuburbia permalink
    July 29, 2007 10:12 pm

    The only Start Trek I have ever really gotten into was Next Generation. (I think, that’s the series with Patrick Stewart right? I love that man, The Lion in Winter with him and Glenn Close one of my all time favourite movies)

    It’s always hard to recreate a classic, and as geeky and die hard as most of the trekkers I know are, despite all the different forms of Star Trek for which most fans seem quite forgiving of, I don’t imagine that graciousness would extend to screwing up the casting on a remake.

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