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Road Trip 2.0 – A River Runs Through It

April 30, 2007

Yesterday was fly fishing day.  Waking up at five and setting out at six, we met up with our guides and made our way out to the South Platte River.  It was probably the prettiest scenery yet, and certainly more stereotypical of the Rocky Mountains than the landscape around Colorado Springs.

In all, Jamie caught two rainbow trout, and hooked several more.  I didn’t fare as well – catching one and hooking a second, but at least my catch/hook ratio was higher.  Our guides seemed quite frustrated that we didn’t catch more…apparently the full moon and low water levels kept the fish from feeding as aggressively as usual…but, to be honest, I was happy we caught what we did.  Moreso, I was happy that Jamie really enjoyed it. 

The internet connection here is still hating on Flickr, but I’ve gone around it and uploaded a few images directly.  Here’s one of Jamie fishing in the river.


After our return, Jamie vanished for a hot stone massage, while, despite my better intentions, I fell asleep.  Upon her return, we set out for dinner at the Phantom Canyon Brewing Company.  Good hefeweizen.

This morning, with Jamie scheduled for another spa treatment, I set out for the nearby Mt. Cutler Trail.  I’ve been looking forward to hiking in Colorado for some time.  Now that I have…I don’t know.  The trail was only a mile or so long, but over that mile climbed a ridiculous four or five hundred feet.  Talk about winded.  Thankfully, the view at the summit was well worth the effort.  From atop Mt. Cutler, one can not only look down on all of Colorado Springs, but the popular Seven Falls as well (in the far right of the below image).


This afternoon, we’re setting out for the last of our excursions, taking the Cog Rail up Pike’s Peak.  Tomorrow, we drive home. 

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  1. May 2, 2007 12:39 am

    Great pics so far. I always enjoy reading them, especially when I am on the road.

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