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Walk the Dog

April 16, 2007

Alas, this year’s Mighty Texas Dog Walk didn’t live up to the high level of expectations set by last year’s.  A big part of that, I believe, was due to the wind, which was hustling in from the northwest at a pretty much constant 25-30 miles per hour.

Jamie and Smith

Wandering around the exhibitor booths and watching your dog make a fool of himself is great fun when the weather is gorgeous.  Not so much when it is cool and blustery.  That, and there did not seem to be as many vendors around this year.

Pre-Walk Highlight – Taking Smith over to the "agility course" the fine folks at Roger Beasley Saab had set up.  After a flat refusal to go through the tunnel, we coaxed Smith over to the hurdles.  He jumped the first one – maybe a foot off the ground – without incident.  At the second hurdle, however, he made no attempt, and instead reared up, knocked the whole thing apart, and then walked across.  He’s a problem solver, that one.

On the walk, sadly little occurred in the way of Smith chaos.  He did have a moment of quite loud whining, and he did reclaim his role as water dish tester, but sadly, there were no kiddie pools for him to pee in, and no girl scouts for him to make cry.

Still, it was in all another fun morning, and I fully plan on partaking again next April.



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