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Road Trip, The Sequel

April 9, 2007

I hate airports.  I hate security lines and baggage claims.  I hate the boarding and deplaning process.  I hate airplane seating, the lack of hip, shoulder, and leg room.  Come to think of it, I hate just about every part of flying except for the actual flying part.  Which, of course, is the part of flying that the wife hates.

Last year, rather than confronting our hatred yet again, we decided to eschew the whole flying thing and instead took a road trip to Washington D.C. and back, stopping in a number of cities and seeing a number of sights, from the Arby’s in Birmingham to Mount Vernon, various Smithsonian museums, the fabulous Biltmore, and my old stopping grounds in and around Nashville.

We had such a great time that, when we got around to planning this year’s vacation, we decided to stick with the road trip format.  Only this year, instead of heading east, we’re heading west.  And instead of taking the Mustang, we’ll be taking the Mini.

At the end of April, we will be setting off for Colorado Springs.  We had hoped to go in August, and avoid the worst of the Texas heat, but alas, everyone else must have the same idea, because prices for everything in Colorado pretty much double come the first weekend in May.  So, April it is!

Jamie, acting as something of a master of ceremonies, already has a whole list of activities planned, laid out, and ready to go.  Apart from the numerous meals which you care nothing about, we’re on tap for a ride up Pike’s Peak on the cog rail, a day of fly fishing, and a leisurely and scenic train ride through the Royal Gorge.  From there, our interests diverge.  The wife will be treating herself to facials, massages, and whatnot, while I plan to take a hike.  Literally.

After the hectic year we’ve had thus far, we’re both looking quite forward to a few days away.  Keep an eye out for pictures and posts from the road.

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  1. Tim permalink
    April 16, 2007 12:13 am

    Don’t fall on the cogs.

  2. April 16, 2007 5:49 pm

    Some low hanging fruit, that is

  3. April 19, 2007 12:51 pm

    Must we always relive the “cog incident”? While I was living in Colorado Springs – I took my jeep up to the top of Pike’s Peak (no doors or roof). It was buring hot at the bottom and FREEZING at the top. Overall a great experience since I really was able to enjoy the view pain free this time!

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