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“The Most Common Cause of Failure in Writing Is Dropping Out”

April 2, 2007

It has been a long while since I’ve posted up anything pertaining to my writing.  Long enough, I suppose, that a number of readers may have wondered whether I was still writing at all.

I was, though for the longest time my progress was so slow and halting I didn’t think it worthy of a post.  And more recently, as things picked up, I refrained from announcing so, for fear of jinxing myself.

But now, almost three and a half years after embarking on this ambitious, foolhardy venture, I have an announcement worthy of a post.

This past Saturday, March 31st, I reached reached the end.  I finished the book.  Or, the first draft, at any rate.

When I set myself on this course in the fall of 2003, it was with the goal of writing a novel for the sake of writing it.  So I could look back, years down the line, and say to myself that I had done so.

In that respect, I have fulfilled my goal. 

I have written a novel.

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