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More on the “Big Wow”

March 26, 2007

Andrew Sullivan is following up his initial post on the "Big Wow" (see my repost of his initial post) with an ongoing dialogue between religious skeptic Sam Harris an anethesiologist Stuart Hammeroff, one of the architects of the Orch OR theory of "quantum consciousness".

I won’t repost the whole thing, for it is much too long, but here’s a brief snippet:

Plato had suggested an abstract world of pure truth, form, aesthetic
and ethical values. Beginning with mathematical laws, Penrose placed
Plato’s world in patterns of Planck scale geometry. So the fundamental
Planck scale may encode the cosmic blueprint … Platonic information
embedded (perhaps evolving) since the Big Bang (Big Wow?) in nonlocal
patterns in quantum logic repeating at varying scales…like a hologram
throughout the universe. Call it quantum logic of the universe (QLU).

If you find the subject as fascinating as I do, read all about it HERE.

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