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There Is Hope, Yet…

March 16, 2007

In addition to the prohibition on manual transmissions, the wife has also noted that my next car, whenever I get it, and whatever it ends up being, must have four doors.  I’m assuming this has to do with the probable need to load and unload small children at some point down the line, and not due to the fact that the extra hardware for the additional doors adds weight.  See, she doesn’t think like that.  I don’t really, either, but then again I did buy a hardtop Mini, rather than a convertible, because the roof structure reinforces the chassis and makes for crisper handling.  Well, that and because I’m not a chick.

Anyway, based on those prohibitions, one would assume the BMW M3 I was drooling over last week (while one is at it, one should also assume we live in a different, "evil" timeline where everyone sports goatees and I can afford such a specimen of automotive badassery) would be out.  Two doors do not equal four, and surely something like that requires that you row your own gears.

Well, hold up there, partner.

First, even the last generation M3 sported an SMG transmission.  This isn’t exactly an automatic.  Rather, it would be more accurate to call it a computer-controlled manual.  There’s still a clutch, only the computer controls it, rather than your left foot.  You can still row through gears, or let the computer do it on its own.

There’s rumors this new M3 will either have a vastly updated SMG, or something akin to the DSG transmission offered by Volkswagen and Audi.

Second, about that four door thing…

Yes, it is only a spy shot.  But the four doors and four pipes confirm that BMW is building an M3 sedan.

I’m not a fan of trunks (can’t put the dogs in them) – but I’d make an exception in this case.

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