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They’re Annnnnoying!

August 17, 2006

I hate flakes.  I loathe flakes.  Not corn flakes, not frosted flakes, not even snowflakes.  No, flakes as in the disrespectful, inconsiderate dillholes who express enthusiastic interest in a product you are selling on a popular website that rhymes with "Meg’s pissed" only to vanish after a phone call or a few e-mails.

Last week, I put two of my possessions up for sale on craigslist.  The first, my Mazda.  The second, the bike rack that attached to the top of the Mazda.  In both cases the result has been the same…flake after flake after flake.  They want to come check out the car later on in the evening, they’ll call, and never do, and in the meantime you’ve had to make sure you’re home in case they do because hey, that’s several thousand dollars we’re talking about.  Is it beyond the realm of human consideration to call and say that something came up, or to e-mail and say something came up, or to return an e-mail sent the next morning inquiring whether or not you were still interested in the Mazda?  Seriously, what is it with these people?

Even better is when someone flakes out and then comes back from out of nowhere with what must be either a stunning lack of reading comprehension or negotiating skills.  Names have been changed to protect the innocent, but click below to read the fascinating e-mail exchange.

First, the text of the ad for the bike rack, for context…

All the joys of transporting your bike without the hassles of removing
the front tire! Nice to have if you’re a mountain biker and don’t want
to be tossing a tire caked in God-knows-what in the back of your car.

I’m also tossing in three Yakima “Universal Might Mounts” for connecting to factory roof racks.

Selling because I’m switching cars and the roof-mounted rack isn’t doable.

Total cost new – $140

Will sell for $65

E-mail would be preferred, but I can also be contacted at (512) ***-****.

Now, the first e-mail, from August 9th:

Do you still have this bike rack?

And if so… what kind of car did you have it on?  The pic looks like
a mazda protege 5???  That’s what I have and it would fit great…

And my reply:

I actually have one person ahead of you, but if they flake out, it’s yours.

And yes, it’s on a Protege5.

And his reply to my reply:

cool… let me know if he doesn’t come through.

gotta love the Protege 5

Now, a few days later, I cut Potential Buyer #1 loose because, you guessed it, he flaked.  So, on August 13th, I sent this along…

Looks like the other guy’s flaked.  If you still want the bike rack, it’s yours.

August 13th.  When do I finally hear back?  This morning.  FOUR DAYS LATER. 

Sorry it took so long to get back to you…
Do you still have the bike rack?  And if so… will you take $50 if i can pick it up tomorrow?
Let me know… talk to you soon,

At least he has the presence of mind to apologize, but then with the lowball offer?  Because him picking up the rack on a Friday is somehow grounds for a discount or something?  Yes, let me drop the price by nearly 25% for you!  Come on.

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