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Roof Rack Attack

May 20, 2006

I learned firsthand this morning why roof-mounted bike racks aren’t necessarily the best idea.

After riding around the trails at Walnut Creek, I was loading my bike onto the Mazda when a bee decided it would be funny to come and land on my arm.  Instinct took over, and I let go of the bike.

I became aware of my mistake at once, as the bike began listing away from me, but by the time I got my hands back in place it was too late.  All I could do was hold onto the tires as the bike crashed onto the roof of the car and the pedals gouged a few nice dents into the metal.

And yes, this happened with about thirty people standing around watching.

Good thing, then, that I am ordering the Mini with the Sportlink bike rack.

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  1. May 23, 2006 1:00 am

    Bees suck!

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