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December 18, 2005

A few lessons learned this weekend.

First, Pride and Prejudice, despite being a Jane Austen novel (and therefore automatically deserving of my antipathy), turned out to be a delightful movie. 

Second, changing out the headlight bulbs on a Mazda Protege5 is no easy feat, and requires that you contrort your fingers into strange and painful positions.  It also, like any automotive work with the exception of changing out windshield wipers, takes approximately twice as long as estimated.

Third, the weekend before Christmas is the worst time to try to go to any type of retail store – but especially an electronics store like Best Buy.  I parked at the Applebee’s approximatley a quarter mile away to avoid the worst of it, and then still had to navigate my way past the throngs of cars circling, vulture-like, for a parking spot, any parking spot.  Inside the store, matters were even worse.  People can be so aimless sometimes. 

Personally, this time of year, I have no desire to linger in any sort of retail environment…but some of these people…its like they just got picked up in a time machine from some village in Medieval France and they just walk slowly down the aisles with their mouths hanging open, gawking.  Yes, you can now record data onto CDs, now get out of my way.  I’m surprised nobody was drooling.

To their credit, however, Best Buy had the registered running at a blistering pace, and once I made my way through the merriment and obtained what I had come for, I only had to spend a minute or two in line.  Before walking the quarter mile back to my car (or Jamie’s car, rather…which is now washed and shampooed and generally clean.


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