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Hannibal vs. Rome

October 28, 2005

If you want to get a gist of what my novel’s all about, National Geographic is airing a documentary called “Hannibal vs. Rome” this Sunday.


I will be watching it myself…though I am not certain how much I will get out of it.  I know more than any sane person should about the Second Punic War, and have found that my enjoyment of historical documentaries is usually inversely proportional to my knowledge of the subject being presented.

To the unitiated, however, this looks to be a spectacular documentary, and a good introduction to the war.  I can only hope it conveys what I find so fascinating about the conflict.

If you decide to watch it, keep in mind as you do so that I am telling my story from an entirely Roman perspective.  I made the decision in part to keep the length down…but also to maintain suspense and surprise.  I feel that doing so makes Hannibal’s movements and his unorthodox tactics all the more impressive, because the reader will see them as the Romans did, completely and totally without preparation or forewarning.

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  1. October 28, 2005 10:19 am

    I saw that advertised actually and thought of you immediately. Can you beleive that I don’t have TIVO? I do have an old VCR though….maybe i can tape it.

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