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Shelter Kills Dog Before Family Can Pick it Up

August 18, 2005

This is awful.  Just awful.  If I were in this family’s position, I would be talking to a lawyer this very moment.

Their dog, a ten-year old Golden Retriever named "Cowboy", was euthanized despite being identified by microchip and claimed by his family, who twice attempted to come pick him up.


Miami-Dade County Animal Services attributed the tragic mess up to "human error".  I’m sorry – human error is putting a decimal point in the wrong place, or accidentally putting the car’s transmission into drive instead of reverse when backing out of a parking place.

How do you accidentally euthanize a dog?  And, moreso, how do you euthanize a dog three days before he should have been if his owner had not been located?

Shelter employees should love animals.  I mean, teachers love kids, doctors love life, and lawyers love money, right?  A fondness and a desire to help these animals should be a prerequisite for shelter employment.    These people should go out of their way to locate the owners of the animals that show up at their facilities.  They should do everything in their power, and resort to euthanasia as a last resort, if the dog is violent or if no other accomodations can be found.

That they could accidentally euthanize a dog, and an already identified and claimed family pet, a golden retriever at that, is beyond me.

My thoughts and sympathies go out to the Rodriguez-Porras family.

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