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August 11, 2005

Chapter XIII has dragged on longer than I thought – largely a product of constant interruption.  The move…the trip.  When I returned home I pretty much started XIII over anew.  I’d had time to think on the cruise, and had ideas that needed to be applied.

I am making solid progress now, though.  I got past the section that had been giving me fits in the week leading up to the trip on Tuesday night, and today I punched out a page or so of fresh text (as opposed to a redo) during lunch.

As I inch toward completion, my biggest problem is informaton management.  There is so much to keep track of – it can really be a distraction.  Not only do I have to manage dates, locations, events, and my own analysis of the history – I also have to keep tabs on everything that has taken place in the novel thus far, and be aware of what is yet to come.

The insight is phenomenal…but wrangling it, focusing it, bringing to bear…that’s certainly a challenge.

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