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Another Damn Bus

July 14, 2005

After fifteen days, aspects of our European Odyssey are beginning to wear thin. Tour guides, for example. Our the shore excursions arranged by our cruise ship. Don’t get me wrong, I love having the chance to see all these varied ports and towns and vistas, but I feel like I see so many of them through the windows of buses.

Today, for example, we had a look at the amazing Menorcan beach of Cala Mitjana. It was a sight indeed. Had we known it existed prior to the excursion, we likely would have skipped out on the excursion and simply taken a taxi to its white, sandy shores and crystal blue waters. But all we had time for was all that we ever have time for – a photo opportunity.

Perhaps that is why Nice and Erice and Eze remain the highlights of the trip (outside Rome, of course) – because of the chance to experience them firsthand, to wander around, and to escape the tour groups, if for a brief time.

Well, tomorrow Jamie and I are cutting the umbilical cord. We have had enough of buses, and have decided that we are going to skip tomorrow’s excursion. Instead of boarding a bus at 8:30 in the morning, we will instead venture out and explore Palma de Mallorca on our own.

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