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Very Interested

April 21, 2005

Out of all the annoyances and frustrations of selling a vehicle, there are two things that annoy me and frustrate me the most.

The first is the “Nigerian Scam”, which I have talked about before.  Thankfully, the amount of scammers contacting me has dropped off significantly.  When the Defender first went on Autotrader, I would get two to three scam e-mails a week.  Now, it’s more like once a month. 

The second is the “very interested” buyer. 

Allow me to explain.

Every so often, I will be contacted by someone who saw my Defender on Autotrader, eBay,, et cetera.  The e-mail will go something like this:

“I am currently shopping for a Land Rover Defender. VERY INTERESTED in looking at yours if it is still available. Please let me know.”

Or like this:

“im VERY INTERESTED in taking the D off your hands. Im a D-90 source member and noticed it. Email me ASAP.”


“Are you willing to sell the truck outside of e-bay. I am VERY INTERESTED in the D90. Thanks”

There are more, but I think you get the point – the individuals writing these e-mails are very interested in the Defender.

Naturally, I replied to all of them, since I am very interested in selling the Defender.

And yet, after replying to their e-mails, I have not received responses back from any of them.  Not a one.

At this point, I think it is fair to ask “what the hell?”

I mean, come on.  If you are “very interested” in something, reply to e-mails.  If you are not “very interested”, then don’t say you are.  And honestly, don’t e-mail in the first place.  It’s a waste of everybody’s time.

Back in October, I had hopes of selling the Defender quickly and remembering it with fondness.  Now, my best memories of it will be marred by recollections of this arduous, disheartening process.

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