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An Update on Life, the Universe, and Everything

April 15, 2005

Things have been so hectic the past couple of days that I haven’t even had the time to make a proper post, so now that I have a few minutes, I figure I may as well make use of them to bring everybody up to date.  So here goes…

The Current House
We are set to close next week.  Of course, before then, we have to replace the roof and garage door, as well as repaint the front of the house.  Thank you, hail.  With everything else going on, the rush on this front has been particularly annoying.  Thankfully, several of the critical balls have been set rolling.  Hopefully the need for substantial effort has passed.

The New House
In the past week there’s been more brickwork.  We’ve also had the plumbing fixtures installed and now have running water.  The patio’s been poured.  In short things are coming along nicely, if not as quick as we’d like.  We’re set to close on May 27th, but there’s a chance we might be able to get that moved up to May 20th.  Cross your fingers.

SBC is buying AT&T.  That has pretty much defined my job for the last three months.

Jamie gets her Pilot looked at by the insurance adjuster on Monday.  After that, we’re going to have to deal with getting it fixed before we can try for the Mustang.  At least there’s a rental car allowance.

I only wish things were so cut and dry with the Defender.  I’ve been trying to sell it now for six months.  With everything else going on, my patience has finally worn thin.  On Wednesday, I put it up on eBay.  Hopefully it will have moved by this time next week.  I’ll miss it, by I sure won’t miss trying to sell it.  Selling a vehicle has easily been one of the most frustrating, annoying processes I have ever been through. 

One of the few things that has been going well.  Chapter XIII is at twenty-one pages, and, as of five minutes ago, section five is done.  Three left.

It may sound strange, but I actually find obsessing over events that took place 2,200 years ago stress relieving.

Ah, the big news.  Tomorrow, we’re heading out to the hill country to pick up our puppies.  That’s right.  Puppies.  Not a puppy.  Puppies.  Two of them.

For those who are wincing, we’ve given this a lot of thought, and are satisfied with our course of action.

For those who want to know if we’ve settled upon names, we have.  Maggie and Millie.


Maggie is the one on the right, Millie is on the left.

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