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Chapter XIII

April 4, 2005

With the hectic nature of last week’s events (Easter, the craziness at work, the Borders fiasco, etc), I had a difficult time getting Chapter XIII off the ground.  It was a struggle to find the time to concentrate, and whenever I had the chance, I had to wrangle with how to open the chapter. 

I got past the obstacle on Friday, however, and now, four days later, I’ve just completed the first section of the chapter.

I was hesitant to declare such progress a return to form, but when I
looked, I realized that I’ve been averaging 2.01 pages/day thus far for
the novel, and eight pages in four days is, well, two pages per day.
So I suppose it could be considered a return to form.

Whatever the case, it is certainly better than the 0.43 pages/day of Chapter XII.

Work begins on the second section (of eight) tonight.  Here’s hoping
that the ball keeps rolling, or whatever other cliche applies.

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