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House Pictures

April 3, 2005

The bricks are going up, and the interior is coming along nicely.  Click on the pictures to enlarge.

05-04-03 Bricks From Front

Partially bricked.  Jamie and I both like the brick we picked out very much, both because it has character and because nobody else in the subdivision has it.  Also, what’s with people choosing bland brick colors, like gray?  I could see buying a house with boring gray bricks, but when you get to pick them beforehand, who says, "I want the ugliest, most boring possible option?".  Some of our future neighbors, obviously.

05-04-03 Front Patio

A better look at our brick selection on the front patio.  The front door is just out of frame to the left.

05-04-03 Kitchen Cabinets

Our kitchen cabinets, now painted white.

05-04-03 Living Room

Our living room. 

05-04-03 Master Bedroom Windows

The master bedroom windows.  Looking out, you can see the retaining wall built by legal and quite possibly illegal immigrants.

05-04-03 Living Room Windows

A look at our living room windows and their quite substantial molding.

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