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Hail Mary

March 25, 2005

This evening I was given the enviable task of bathing the dogs.  By the time I was done, I was tired, hot, and wet.  Deciding I needed to treat myself, I determined to head out for a caffeine-free Diet Coke. 

Good thing I did, too.  As I was checking out at the nearby gas station, I noticed the rain start to come down.  Then, as I turned the Xterra on, the first pieces of hail started to fall.  They didn’t seem like much, but just to be safe, I backed up to one of the pumps and under the protection of the gas station roof-thing.

BAM!, as Emeril says.  No sooner did I put the Xterra in park than the skies opened up.  The hail, which was about gumball-sized, came down hard.  I’ve been through hail before, but never like this.  I could not see the gas station.  I could not hear my stereo.  It goes without saying that my little hiding spot was soon occupied by about twenty cars.

After things let up I got home.  Our yard looks like somebody had spilled ice cubes all over it.  Our realtor’s yard sign – wasted.  Our garage door – looks like someone took a ball-pien hammer to it.  The wife’s Pilot?  Substantial hail damage to the roof and hood.  I’ve taken pictures of the evidence – you can check them out on my Flickr page (see right).

We were actually pretty fortunate.  The house and the Pilot are both insured against hail damage.  The Xterra got away clean, and the Defender, which only has liability coverage, passed the frozen precipitation assault in the safety of the garage.

Still…goodness.  This was like the hail that you always see on the news.  The kind that always used to hit Wise County when I was growing up in Dallas.  The kind that always catches Elgin and Dripping Springs now that I live in Austin…

Suffice to say, we are now looking forward to our new house, and our new, wide-open garage, more than ever.

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  1. March 26, 2005 9:25 pm

    That is some major hail!!! I remember that the 4th day I had my F150. I was at a confrence in Dallas, and we were watching the Final Four and we had a major hail storm. That was the fastest I think I ever ran, (some of my collegus said that I freaked out the housekeepers and sthey started yelling “OH NO FEUGO…FUEGO!”). I got to my truck and off-roaded it through some bushes to get it under cover. I still got some hail damage and I broke my shoe running out to my truck. Moral of the story – I HATE HAIL!!!

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