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Two Hundred Fifty Two

March 19, 2005

252 days.  That is how long I have spent writing Chapter XII. 

That is how long I have grumbled to coworkers, complained to friends and family, bitched on here, and generally driven the wife insane with my frustrations.

Well, tonight, at long last, it is over.

I just put the finishing touches on Chapter XII five minutes ago.    That is right…


I am done with it.  After all this time, I am actually, truly done with it. 

Chapter XII has been my nemisis.  It has, at times, driven me to the
very brink of sanity (and probably beyond).  It has kept me up at
night, stolen my concentration at work, and made me a dour person who
is no fun to be around whatsoever.  And now it is done.  Finally done.

Chapters XIII, XIV, and XV remain, but honestly, I do not know if I will be more ecstatic upon finishing the novel than I am at this moment. 

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