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Rest in Peace, Chris

March 10, 2005

My tastes in music, much like my tastes in movies, are extremely wide and varied.  I may listen to Ben Kweller, Remy Zero, and John Wesley Harding, but a random gallery of artists such as Frank Sinatra, Clint Black, Dave Matthews, Lyle Lovett, and Chris LeDoux also appear regularly on my iPod.

I just found out this morning that Chris LeDoux lost his battle with liver cancer.  He was 56.

Chris has a special place in my heart and my memory.  His music was one of the things that sustained me as I trudged through my last semester at Vanderbilt, awaiting the return to Texas.  Heck, I even rewrote the lyrics to "Powder River Home".  Yes, I am lame.  I remember driving the circuitous trails out at Percy Warner Park, his music acting as a soundtrack of sorts.  I remember seeing him in concert, and rocking out to his cover of "Life is a Highway" on my way back from offroading in San Antonio.

Today, in tribute, my iPod will be playing only Chris LeDoux.

Your ride lasted a helluva lot longer than eight seconds, Chris.  Rest in peace.

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  1. March 10, 2005 10:42 am

    I saw that on the enws yesterday evening and I was going to call you, but it was already approaching midnight. Sorry to hear that Matt. Losing a musician you adore can be tough. I still can’t believe Elliott Smith is gone. R.I.P. Mr. LeDoux

  2. March 10, 2005 2:59 pm

    When I moved to Colorado right after college, it was a little tough at first, no friends and really not familiar with the place. One night I went with some people I had met to a country bar in Denver called “The Grizzly Rose”, a smaller version of Billy Bobs (you may remember, I was really into the country scene at the time). Chris Ledoux was playing there and he had a small loyal following. He put on a great show! After the show, I was at the bar and guess who sat doown right next to me… Chris Ledoux! He wasn’t that big of a star then, as it was in early 1990, so he could get away with it. We talked, drank beer and even did a shot of Cuervo together. He was the real deal, a good old fashioned cowboy! I gave him some Chili’s BOG’s and he actually came by th next afternoon. He was truly a classic guy. A year later when the album Western Underground came out, I went to see him again. After the show, I got to talk to him again and he actually remembered me (although it was as Mr Chili’s). He even gave me an autographed copy of Western Underground. I know every song like the back of my hand and it will always be one of my favorite albums. When I heard the news today it really made me sad. He was one of the good guys! I just want to “Thank the Cowboy for the Ride”. At a time when I was feeling a little lost, the experience made me feel like I was somebody. I will truly miss him on many level.

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