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Writing Update

March 9, 2005

With all that has transpired in the last two weeks, my writing time has suffered.  Jamie’s needs, after all, are far more important than a story about people who have been dead for 2,200 years.

Mostly, I have been writing during my lunch breaks.  Armed with my free cup of hot water and my trusty laptop, I have taken to sitting outside the nearby Seattle’s Best and plugging away.

I am, alas, still at work on the pivotal section of the novel, though every day brings me a few paragraphs closer to its close.  Hopefully, I will reach it by the end of the week.  After that, I have only two more sections to go before I can finally lay Chapter XII to rest.

I am hesitant to put any sort of timeline on finishing the novel.  Chapter XIII, I believe, will fall into place with relative ease.  It was originally part of Chapter XII, so I already have it mapped out in my head.  In it, we will see a new Publius Cornelius Scipio emerge, changed forever by his experiences during the Battle of Cannae.

Chapters XIV and XV, however, could prove more difficult.  I somehow have to wrap up the chaotic web of events that follow in Cannae’s wake, while at the same time setting the stage for the second book.  There is a lot to cover and a lot that, unfortunately, must be either omitted or glossed over.

At least I know where and how I want the book to end…

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