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Meg Update

March 9, 2005

We are slowly coming to terms with Meg’s death.  Jamie’s mom was in town all last week, which I think helped enormously.  Jamie still has her rough spots, but the healing process has begun.  The return of cable TV to our house will, I think, prove a great help.

In other news, our vet called yesterday.  Meg’s ashes are in.

Also, the time came this week to take action.  On Monday we faxed a letter to the owner of the daycare institution where Meg was killed.  In the letter, we requested damages for her death.  The company has called to inform us that they received the request, and that the owner (who was travelling, and gets back into town today), will be in contact shortly. 

Hopefully, once the unforunate matter of damages is settled and behind us, we will be able to truly begin moving on.

Regarding another dog, we had planned to wait until returning from a trip we are taking in July before finding a puppy, but those plans seem to have changed.  The breeder from whom we got Meg recently bred Meg’s mother and father again.  The puppies were born last week, and should be ready to leave their litter and be taken home in six to eight weeks.  Were they any other puppies, we would be waiting, but I don’t think either one of us can turn down the chance to have one of Meg’s sisters in our life, if we can’t have her.

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  1. March 9, 2005 5:22 pm

    Wow getting one of Meg’s sisters would be wonderful.

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