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House(s) Update

March 9, 2005

We put our current home on the market on February 17th, and got a full price offer on February 18th.  Since that time, we have signed the contract and already passed through the ten day option period.

Closing will take place sometime in April.  Past that date, we will be leasing the house back from the buyer until our new residence is completed.

Speaking of the new house, we had our pre-sheetrock walkthrough Monday afternoon (we were originally called about it on February 11th).  It was exciting.  We got to specify electrical outlet locations.  Rumor has it that the bricks are supposed to be showing up today.

The builder’s estimated completion date is mid-late May.

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  1. March 9, 2005 8:20 pm

    Make sure that you set up plenty of outlets, you never know how and where you will need them once the decorating is finished. Also I would advise putting a phone jack in every room. It doesn’t cost much now but if you decide after you have been in the house for a while to add one, it is not only expensive, but a real hassle

  2. March 10, 2005 10:31 am

    We’re actually not all that concerned with phone jacks. We’re going to have them in the kitchen, master bedroom, the gameroom, and what will be my office. Beyond that, well, everything’s wireless these days.

    We were outlet nazis, however. The two I’m looking most forward to – the one way out by the garage door and the one in the office’s closet. I’ll finally have somewhere to charge the camcorder, digital cameras, and other stuff without having to leave them in plain sight.

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