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Revenge of the Sith

February 18, 2005

Does anybody else find it amusing that Star Wars Episode III is set to open at the Cannes Film Festival?

In other news…I’m starting to get that feeling…that Lucas may just nail the last of the prequels.  Of course, I had that feeling about Attack of the Clones as well.  But…damnit…I just can’t help it.

Now…here are a few pictures…I don’t so much consider them spoilers, because if you’ve seen the original trilogy, you obviously know that 1) Anakin Skywalker turns to the dark side, 2) the Jedi get whiped out and 3) Natalie Portman dies.


I really like this shot…I think Ewan’s stance and expression are spot on…and something about the idea of Obi-Wan learning the truth from a hologram…


The aftermath of the attack on the Jedi Temple…shades of 9/11, anyone?


What I think is sure to be one of the most emotionally powerful moments of the Star Wars saga, no matter if the rest of Episode III succeeds or fails.

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