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Takin’ Care of Business

February 15, 2005

I know that I have been complaining a lot lately about getting the house ready to sell.  Of being tired, frustrated, busy, and sore.  But we really have done a lot.  To give you, the gentle reader, an idea, here’s a breakdown of everything Jamie and I have done.


Mowing.  Edging.  Fertilizing.  Sidewalk, patio, and driveway cleaning.  Getting the house pressure washed.  Cleaning patio furniture.  Planting approximately one hundred flowering plants.  We’re now all about the flora.  Pulling up edging, reshaping planters.  Repairing mounts for window screens.  Repainting in places.  Installing two new exterior light fixtures.


Laundry, on average of three loads per day.  Repainted guest bathroom.  Touch-up painting all over.  Replaced master bathroom towel rod.  Dusting, all over.  Vacuuming.  Liquid Gold-ing all wood furniture.  New carpet in computer room and guest room.  Picking up, organizing, boxing things up.  Fifteen trips to the storage unit.  An approximately equivalent number of trash runs.  Scrubbing walls, wiping down baseboards, clearing out closets.  Going through CDs (about half of which were empty jewel cases thanks to the ongoing conversion to an all-digital music collection).  Replacing window treatments.  Cleaning grout in guest and master bathroom.  Applying leather cleaner to leather chair.  Washing couch slip cover.  Screaming at carpet cleaner for spilling its nasty water on the floor.  More plants.  Sweeping.  Rearranging.  Replacing light bulbs.  Dusting the fans.  Dusting the books.  Rearranging books so they look good (funny, I always arranged them topically).

And I’m sure I’m missing stuff.

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