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The Sanctity of Books

February 11, 2005

If you haven’t noticed, our world is going digital.  This blog is proof of that.  Granted, we’re not there yet.  We’re making progress, but we still have a ways to go.

Americans are spending as much time online as they are watching television (and even television is being digitized – HDTV, digital cable, video on demand, and in a few years IPTV).  Online everything, from shopping to banking to dating, is taking off.  Consumers are abandoning film cameras altogether.  Digital cameras have become a way of life.  DVDs have replaced VHS tapes.  Digital music has become one of the fastest-growing phenomena of the last fifty years.  And, in a few years, we’ll be buying movies online just like we do music from iTunes.  Instead of buying the latest DVD, we will download it. 

In all the frenzy of digitization, however, there is one medium that has remained immune.  The book.

Why?  I have a theory.

A book, the experience of curling up on a comfortable chair and flipping the pages, it can’t be recreated digitally.  Movies?  Yes.  Music?  Yes.  Pictures, sure.  Hell, I read all my newspapers online now.  Personally, I think they are more manageable that way.

But the book…its not just the words on the page, its the very act of reading that is sacrosanct.

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