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Real American Heroes

February 10, 2005

I just thought of the greatest idea for a children’s cartoon/action figure line.  I can’t believe that nobody else has come up with it yet.  Okay, yes I can, because its just that awesome.

So what’s the idea? 

Real American Heroes.

No, not GI Joes, though that is their tag line, but actual, real American heroes.   Personally, I’d start with the American Revolution.  The show would be laid out along the lines of the classics from the eighties – He-Man, GI Joe, and Transformers.  There would be one enemy that the good guys would have to constantly foil.  He-Man was always battling Skeletor and his minions.  GI Joe had Cobra, and in Transformers it was Autobots against Decepticons.

In Real American Heroes it would be Americans against those scheming British imperialists.  Or maybe Cobra, because we like the Brits now.

George Washington would be the leader, along the lines of Optimus Prime and Duke.  The other founding fathers would show up in supporting roles, but I haven’t quite figured out who should play the ninja character.  It’d go GI Joe style, with a small cluster of regulars, and the rest of the characters rotated in on a weekly basis to keep those toy sales going strong.

One thing I’m certain of – Ben Franklin.  He’d be kind of like the king in He-Man.  He’d get kidnapped in every episode, and always say he was terrible at fighting, but in the big climax he’d clock some guy on the jaw and knock him cold.    Then, when everyone was standing around after, he’d get to say something like, "well, I always did have a strong left hook".  And everyone would laugh.

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  1. February 10, 2005 4:25 pm

    Yeah but dealing with the whole “Ben Franklin….womanizer, STD carrier” might present a difficult angle to cover if you want to stay true with history. then again…i guess Cobra never really existed did he….so maybe you dont have to stay true to history.

  2. February 10, 2005 9:19 pm

    Actually those are “super powers”

  3. February 13, 2005 7:56 pm

    His secret weapon could be a kite and a sting that he could wrap around his enemies and then zap them with a special key. George Washington could stun his enemies by throwing a silver dollar at them and then finishing them off with his wooden teeth. Maybe John Hancock could wield a giant pen?

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