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What Transgresses…

February 8, 2005

Kudos if you get the title.

Life has been extremely hectic these past few weeks at the McDougall Estate.  There’s been a lot going on and, unfortunately, not a lot of time for it to go on in.  Thus the sparse postings that, when posted, have almost nothing to do with my life.

This post is an attempt to alleviate that and bring all of you that read this blog to keep up with me up to date.

So…let’s see.  I guess I’ll just take it in the order of my categories.

Biking – In a nutshell, I haven’t been.  First, there hasn’t been the time.  Second, it’s been drizzly, rainy, and generally miserable here for about two and a half weeks now.  Except on Thursdays.  A day of sunshine late in the week to get your hopes up, and then the clouds move back in for the weekend.  As everyone’s been saying lately, "I didn’t sign on for Portland".

Books – I finally worked my way through S.M. Stirling’s Island in the Sea of Time series, about the island of Nantucket being mysteriously catapulted back into the Bronze Age.  It was an interesting trilogy, but it ended abruptly and, I think, a bit too easily.  And how convenient is it that they just happened to wind up in the exact same time as Agammemnon and Odysseus.  And how much more convenient is it that Ramses is a contemporary as well?  Next up, Steven Pressfield’s Virtues of War.

Dogs – The dogs are doing just fine, but they’ve been gnawing at my nerves the past few weeks.  Mainly because its fallen to me to clean their paws off every time they come inside.  Sam endures dutifully, but Meg and Smith would pretty much rather be anywhere else.  I don’t think you can truly understand how annoying this dreary weather can be until you’ve had to go through it with dogs.

Film – There is absolutely nothing out that I want to see.  I’m waiting.  I think this summer’s going to be a good one, with all the movies that are slated for release, but February…nothing.

House – The new house is coming along.  I took a bunch of interior shots yesterday.  Look for them online soon.  And, geez, the driveway is steep.  So much for ever owning a Ferrari or similarly low-slung car.  As for the current house…work continues.  We’re slowly eliminating rooms, getting everything ready.  I’m ready for it to be done.

Jamie – Has been keeping me sane.  Somehow she’s been managing to teach a preschool class, attend graduate school classes, volunteer at another school, and keep a calm head about the work we have ahead of us. 

Music – I went through all my CDs this weekend, and tossed at least fifty empty jewel cases.  Empty.  No CDs anywhere.  I’m selling another fifty-ish, too.  The best part, though?  Finding Garbage’s first album, which is one of the few things I listened to in high school that I can still stand.  Garbage, meet iTunes.  iTunes, Garbage.

Travel – The wife and I have an exciting vacation awaiting us in July.  More details later.  And yes, this time we will remember to not only take, but use the digital camera.  No more film.  Film sucks.

Vehicles – The Defender is still for sale.  And it has been too rainy to take it out of the garage much.  So nobody sees it.

Work – Has been busy so far this year, but satisfying.  I will say no more, because it is not unheard of for people to be fired for discussing their employers and coworkers on personal blogs.

Writing – After a span of particularly bad nights, I’ve taken to writing at home, and on a computer, no less.  The change has helped.  I’ve actually been making progress.  One of these days I may actually finish Chapter XII.

And, last but not least, Diet Coke.  I’ve been cutting back.  I can’t say I’ve stopped drinking aspartame-laced beverages altogether, but I’ve been averaging two to three a day, and I can feel the difference.

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  1. February 9, 2005 9:30 am

    Have you ever read “The Rift”? It is about a major series of earthquakes along the Mississippi and what happens to some of the communities within when they are totally cut off from the outside world. Pretty interesting in dealing with power and the evils of humanity. Mostly though, it was an exciting adventure tale.

  2. February 10, 2005 4:22 pm

    what transgresses…… seems like a long time ago that we say “Hands on a Hard Body” in Dobie theater doesn’t it? Remember the gargoyles to the leftand right of the movie screen? Oh Austin how I miss thee.

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