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Mystery Solved

February 7, 2005

Been to a Gap recently?  No?  Well, okay then.

This is the time of year when clothing stores begin to get in their spring lines because, as well all know, it won’t actually get warm enough to wear shorts for another three months across most of the country.  4th of July decorations are already going up, as well.

Anyway, Jamie and I have noticed something about our local Gap stores lately.  There are no new spring clothes.  And most of their winter inventory has been shamelessly picked over since the holidays.  Entire shelves and walls are bare.

Somehow, this came up in conversation about a week ago.  I joked that their sweatshops were probably taken out by the tsunami, and that’s why they didn’t have any new product in the stores.

Then, over the weekend, I actually looked at where my various articles of Gap clothing originated from.  Sri Lanka.  Which was spanked by the tsunami.  So..well…that solves that.  Globalization and exploitation, meet Mother Nature.

Speaking of which, why don’t they name tsunamis?  Or earthquakes, for that matter.  How is it that a tropical storm, which is basically just a bunch of wind, can deserve a name, but a giant undersea earthquake/monster tidal wave cannot?

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