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Bad Dog!

February 3, 2005

Yesterday morning, while I was showering, Smith got out of his kennel.  It has two doors – and the one that we seldom use was apparently left open.  I only realized this when he sauntered into the bathroom and licked the shower door.

Thinking nothing of it, I got dressed and went out to the living room.  There, I found that the laptop (which was sitting on an ottoman) was unplugged.  I guessed Smith must have walked past and pulled the power jack out.  So I plug it back in and…nothing.  The little light on the front doesn’t come on.  That’s when I looked down at the cable and see…teeth marks.

Friggin’ dog.

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  1. Ronnie permalink
    February 3, 2005 5:11 pm

    My dog has chewed the following cables:

    2 cat5 cables
    3 cell phone chargers
    1 digital camera charger
    1 lamp cord
    1 palm charger

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