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Okay, Just Stop It!

January 5, 2005

I think we can all be agreed that it is January, correct?  And that January is not a summer month in the northern hemisphere?

What, pray tell, is going on?

The days before Christmas, it was brutal cold.  Brutal for Texas, that is.  Highs in the thirties.  It was great.

Then, days after Christmas, it was up into the seventies.  It was sunny, though, gorgeous weather.  So, as out-of-season as it was, I wasn’t complaining.

But this.  For several days now, we’ve had the same weather.  High of 78, low of 66, cloudy, humid, scattered showers.  In other words, the most annoying, beat-down weather imaginable.

The rain…come on…if you’re going to rain, just do it already.  This moping shit is a serious downer.  And it’s just  enough precipitation to keep the ground wet.  That also means that it’s just enough to get the dogs’ paws just muddy enough when they go outside to require towelling upon re-entry.  Guess who handles the towelling?

And the humidity.  God, just make it end!  We get enough of this in March, April, May, June, July, August, September, and October!  Can’t we just have a change of pace for January and February?  Some cold, maybe?  How about a brisk north wind?

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