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A Post, Just Because…

December 29, 2004

It has been awhile since I posted, and I figured that, well, I should.  So there.

I’ll have something longer and more entertaining along in a few days.  I promise.  A big, end-of-year, looking-back-at-2004 kind of post.  Just think of all we’ve been through this year.  Tsunamis.  Minicows.  J Lo marrying what, fifteen different guys?  And Smith, a force of nature all his own.

For now, though, I don’t really have much to mention.  We went to Houston over Christmas, but only for a span of about thirty-six hours.  Long enough to witness the unimaginable – snow falling in Houston.  And I don’t meant sleet.  I mean flurries of  real snow.  It was weird.  I was expecting flying pigs and honest politicians.

But now we’re back.  Cleaning and packing and moving things to storage as we get ready to put the house on the market.  The big news Monday was blinds.  I put up lots of blinds.  And let me ask you this…what storage place in their right mind puts doors in the middle of thier hallways and has no means of propping them open.  That’s fun, let me tell you, trying to hold open Mr. Hydraulically Closing Door with one hand while maneuvering a full laden cart through with the other.  Why not hurdles?  Or those swinging logs with spikes in them from the ninja obstacle course in American Ninja?

Oh, and I took Sam hiking along Barton Creek.  It was a blast, but do you really care? 

Writing’s been, well, yeah.  I thought I found something of a groove yesterday…but no.  At least I got my badly needed shipment of pens yesterday.  My supply had dwindled down to two, one that was sort of buggy.  Yes, I have to order my pens. 

In other news, we have 12 oz. bottles of Diet Coke in the fridge.  Not the 16.5 oz bottles you normally buy in six packs at the store, but 12 oz. bottles.  They are short, stubby things, and kind of creep me out.  Why can’t we just buy the convenience store/vending machine 20 oz. bottles?  Wouldn’t everyone be happier?  These smaller format ones…they just suck.  Why?  A) they don’t contain as much of the carbonated, artificially sweetened beverage and B) they are too small to fit snugly in the Xterra’s cupholders, and slosh around annoyingly. 

Of course, I’ve long had problems with Coca-Cola’s bottle design anyway.  The rounded, bulbous bottom makes for a poor fit in many cupholders.  And let’s face it, a lot of people buying the 20 oz. bottles are consuming them in their cars.  Take that, Europeans!  I think it was four yeas ago that I even wrote the company about the annoyance.  They did nothing, but I got some pretty sweet coupons out of the deal.

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