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Things that Annoy Me

December 17, 2004


No, I don’t mean people named Harley (though kinda, yeah).  I mean the motorcycles produced by Harley-Davidson.  Don’t get me wrong, I like motorcycles.  I like sport bikes, dirt bikes, dual-sport bikes, heck, I don’t even mind cruisers.  And I don’t care if you want to dress up in black leather because you’re forty-five and your job as an accountant sucks.  Really, I don’t.  People do all sorts of crazy things with their lives, and I don’t think Harley cultists are really that much different from Mini fanatics or offroaders.  More expensive clothing, maybe.

What annoys me about Harleys is the noise.  I like a good, rumbling engine, but the exhaust on some of the Harleys out there is just…superfluous.  I mean, does it really have to be that loud?

Last night I was driving up 183.  I was in the right lane, window up, blasting some Springsteen, when a Harley went past in the left lane.  It was louder than the music (which was loud), even through the window.  How can it be legal?  Aren’t there noise regulations on vehicles, at least for the purpose of safety (hearing accidents, approaching emergency vehicles)?

Again, I like an engine to rumble and roar, especially in something such as a Harley.  But the engine in a Ducati can roar without being heard from sixteen miles away.  The same goes for pretty much every car you can think of, even overpowered brutes such as the Dodge Viper.  Hell, even trains.

Heck, for all I know it could be some "upgrade", like when highschoolers put glass-packs on their exhausts to make their cars and trucks sound louder (it’s the automotive equivalent to a baseball card in the bike spokes).  Not really a performance upgrade, just a loud, obnoxious, "hey, notice me!"

Whatever the case (and yes, I’d like to be enlightened, random commenter), it’s too much.  It’s over the top.  So, if you are the rider of one of these obnoxiously, superflously loud Harleys, I have one word for you:

"Get a quieter bike, a–hole". 

Okay, maybe that’s five words.  But seriously, other vehicles far faster, far more powerful, and yes, far cooler than your own get along just fine without alerting everyone in a ten block radius to their presence.

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