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Use an Ass to Cut Your Grass!

December 14, 2004

When we were living in the Gables, Mark and I had the idea of stationing a goat on our balcony and letting it eat all of our trash.  Since moving into a house, I’ve often thought how great it would be to have a sheep or a mini-cow to keep my lawn in check.  Well, the Italians have gone and done one better.

ROME (Reuters) – An Italian town is setting donkeys to work mowing the grass on the side of its highways in an effort to save money and reduce pollution.

Fed up with paying some 100,000 euros ($132,800) a year to cut the grass on its out-of-town roads with tractor-mowers, the local government of Treviso, near Venice, said on Tuesday it had bought six donkeys to do the work instead.

"This purchase will allow us to save cash as well as launch an experimental ecological project," said local government chief Luca Zaia, who paid just over 2,000 euros for the six animals.

Motorists need not fear running down the donkeys — they will only be allowed to munch the grass in roadside areas that are fenced off from traffic.

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  1. December 22, 2004 7:24 pm

    If I had a mini-cow, I would name her “Minnie.”

    Minnie Mini-cow.

    That is all.

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