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Disabled dolphin jumping again with world’s first artificial fin

November 20, 2004

Look, I like dolphins.  I’ve  swam with dolphins.  Okay…stood on a platform in the water with dolphins.  I was even fairly obsessed with them for a time, when I was in second grade.  Certain family members will remember a certain argument at a certain restaurant about whether dolphins were smarter than humans or not.

Well, now someone’s gone and given one of the rubbery water mammals an artificial fin.  Oh and, speaking of rubber, the artificial fin’s made of it, by tiremaker Bridgestone.  I’m not kidding.   Read the story right here.

Now…I like dolphins.  I’m happy that this dolphin can swim and jump again.  But shouldn’t this wait until we cure cancer or something?  End world terrorism?  Hunger?

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  1. November 21, 2004 11:14 am

    Plus since the fin is manufactured by Bridgestone/Firstone, we may have to worry about the dolphin spontaneously combusting. On one hand that would suck…on the other hand mind you, it would be pretty cool.

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