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November 2, 2004

It is almost a spectator sport in Texas, waiting for the first real cold front of fall to stick and turn the temperatures lower. People follow the Weather Channel as closely as ESPN. They gripe about the “last gasp of summer” humidity, which buoys the temperatures up into the high eighties, at least as much as they do about gas prices or OU.

Why do we Texans get so anticipatory about the changing of the weather? I think part of it is just relief. We know that the long, dragging heat of summer is behind us. Finally, we get roll our car windows down, drive to work without the A/C blasting, and maybe, just maybe, we have to turn the heater on.

We get to pull out our long sleeved clothes, unworn for months, or buy new ones. Women are happy, because they have an excuse to shop for new clothes. Men are happy, because they can push laundry back another week or two.

After literally a month of waiting, checking the forecasts, pouring over the 10-day outlooks, and cursing the smothering humidity every morning on the way to work, we finally got our cold front last night. Oh, we had a teaser about a month ago now, but it lasted a day. Then the temperatures jumped back into the nineties, just to keep us on our toes.

But this time….

This time the cooler weather is here to stay. Thank you, God.


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